Recorded in several known spellings including Bodimeade, Boddymaid, Boddymade, Boddymead, Boddymeade, Boddimead, and no doubt others, this is an English surname. As to what is the correct spelling, and as to where it originates from, has puzzled researchers for many years. Most dictionaries avoid any reference to it, usually an indication that either they dont know, or they cannot prove the origin, or that it is obscene! Many surnames are obscene, but this is not one of them despite its spelling, which may imply suggestive origins. It is almost certainly locational, from some place perhaps called 'Boda's maed' with Boda being an early personal name of the pre 7th century, and 'maed,' a meadow. Another possibility would be 'bod ith mede' with bod describing a house or dwelling of some substance, in a meadow. The Cornish place name of Bodmin, means the monks house, as an example. In this case we have no idea where 'Boda's maed' or whatever, was situated. The surname is well recorded in the diocese of Greater London from the time of William of Orange (1688 - 1702), and it is from there that we have taken recordings. These include Matthew Boddymeade, who married Frances Taylor at St Pauls Covent Garden, on October 21st 1697, whilst John Boddimead married Anne Small at the same church on June 29th 1712.

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