Recorded as Bore, Boar, Boor, and the very rare Bor, this is an interesting English surname which has nothing whatsover to do with being either a South-African Dutchman, or a person of boring characteristics. It is however either a medieval nickname for a person who kept pigs and boars from the Olde English pre 7th century word 'bar' or it may be locational for somebody who lived at one of the various villages called Boar Bank in L:ancashire, Boarhunt in Hampshire, or Boars Isle in Kent. There is no indication in any record of an association with the Great Boar of the River Severn in the West Country. The early recordings include Aelimar Bar of Bury St. Edmunds in the county of Suffolk in the year 1095, Godwin Bar of Winton in Hampshire in 1148, whilst the only nickname would seem to be that of Robert le Bor of Berkshire in 1287, or John le Boor of Devon in 1312. Surname spellings have consistently varied over the centuries, as both local dialects and the English language itself has undergone continual change.

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